We are going to exhibit at “NET ZERO Leaders Summit(Japan Business Conference 2021)”(2021.7.14) JE […]
Second Prize, Tokyo University of Science Invest Management “2021 Japan Tech-based Venture Competition&# […]
Based on the Strategy for the Formation of a Startup Ecosystem (June 2019), the Cabinet Office has chosen citi […]
We made a introducing video. We would like to thank Kawasaki City for their support. We would like to thank Ka […]
We received Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) approval from Kanagawa Prefecture. Type:First-Class Medical D […]
A video of the ultra-micro dosage using our latest device has been taken and will be released here. Filling th […]
Our company was published to Nikkei of the most famous economic paper in Japan. They have thoroughly interview […]
The securing of power supply which I can carry becomes the problem to utilize an electroosmotic flow pump with […]
A Show for Medical Device Development (MEDIX) is a specialized exhibition that brings together the latest tech […]
We were selected as 12 finalists of “TECH PLANTER Biotech GrandPrix (*)” and entered the DEMO DAY. […]