Achieve the ultimate MIVS in ophthalmic vitrectomy surgery.

In ophthalmology, minimally invasive treatments like MIVS (Micro-Incision Vitrectomy Surgery) with thin needles (such as 27G) are performed. When using thin needles, high-viscosity liquids make manual manipulation challenging. Our Electro Osmosis pump will enable precise handling, even with highly viscous substances like silicone oil.

Realize silicone oil removal in vitrectomy surgery with minimal burden on the patient at using 27G needles.

We will make it possible to remove silicone oil as required in vitrectomy surgery using a 27G needle. Doctors should be able to control ultra-small amounts of medication with ease by operating the switch while looking through a microscope.

Consistent suction and injection, regardless of needle thickness or liquid viscosity.

With our Electro-Osmotic pump, it will be possible to control ultra-small amounts even with thin needles like 27G and highly viscous drugs, ensuring safer and more secure treatment than manual administration by doctors or nurses.

Directly administer ultra-small doses of medication at a constant rate to the affected area.

The Electro-Osmotic pump operates in proportion to the current, making the direct administration of ultra-small doses of medication to the affected area possible.

A pump suitable for IoMT

Our Electro-Osmotic pump will alllow for medication optimized to the patient’s condition through feedback control from sensors. Additionally, program control will make it possible for periodic and long-term sustained administration, making it ideal for IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) in the world of healthcare. *Patented.

Patient-centric healthcare achieved through next-generation device.

We will enable localized administration, ultra-small dosages, and sustained delivery, which were previously unattainable with traditional medication methods, offering a patient and doctor-centric approach.

Try atDose Core!

We can provide customized dosing devices to researchers and pharmaceutical companies interested in using our devices for research and testing.

Unlocking the potential of ultra-small localized administration devices.

With our device, it will be possible to continuously administer ultra-small doses with strong precision. Utilizing this feature, we aim to expand and apply our technology across various fields in the future.


Traditional cancer treatment often involves systemic administration through intravenous infusions, leading to common side effects like hair loss, oral ulcers, and vomiting. By using atDose Core to administer tiny amounts of chemotherapy drugs directly to the tumor, these side effects can be minimized.

Ophthalmology (Retina and Vitreous Body)

In ophthalmology, minimally invasive treatments using ultra-thin needles, such as MIVS (Micro-incision Vitrectomy Surgery), are performed. When using thin needles, manual operation becomes challenging with high-viscosity liquids. Our Electro-Osmotic pump will enable precise handling of highly viscous substances like silicone oil.

Surgical Interventions

The ability to locally administer ultra-small doses of medication opens the possibility to safely perform various treatments that previously relied on experienced physicians. For example, when conducting PTSMA (Percutaneous Transluminal Septal Myocardial Ablation), a novel treatment for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, With atDose, you can expect for more accurate and safer administration than traditional catheters.

Gene Therapy
In the realm of gene therapy, high-priced drug administration to the targeted disease site is crucial. atDose technology is promising for such a need.

Regenerative Medicine

In the field of regenerative medicine, which holds promise as the next-generation healthcare, the cells used are costly. atDose technology hopes to prevent the waste of unused cells, which has been a problem in conventional medical devices. By using atDose Core, it will become possible to precisely deliver cells drawn from the needle tip to the affected area.